Do Re... ME!

A one-of-a-kind music program

The Do, Re….ME! Pre-instrumental program is a one of a kind program with a curriculum designed to introduce young children to the fundamentals of classical music in a fun and age appropriate way. A true intro to classical music - rhythm, musical terminology, tempo, dynamics, articulation, composers, instrument families of the orchestra – explored through original songs, well–loved nursery rhymes, coordination games, finger plays and live instrument demos. The class helps build confidence, develops fine and gross motor ability, and social skills. Through repetition, imitation, sharing, taking turns and lots of praise and encouragement, the aural, verbal, physical, social, listening and mental skills of the children will be enhanced. Parents and caregivers participate and enjoy this exciting class along with their child, sharing an enthusiasm for learning and experiencing the joys of making music together!


Three years ago, my grandson Caleb was one year old, and I knew it was time for him to be involved in some early childhood music education. By sheer good fortune I found a music class for young children called Do Re… ME!, run by a woman named Tova Rosenberg.

I have been a violinist and music educator for many years, so I was particular when selecting the music classes my three kids attended, and now my grandson. I definitely wanted a warm, fun, nurturing and educational musical environment, and Do Re… ME! delivered that and more. Tova is an amazing teacher with a top-notch education and many years of experience, and her program reflects that. I was lucky enough to attend the classes with my grandson for three years, so I was able to see the progression of her pedagogy. There was lots of singing, learning through play, rhythmic training, listening, group activities, individual attention, and caregiver and younger sibling involvement. The pace of the class was quick, the music always fabulous and my grandson learned an incredible amount about music. It was definitely not a noisy, chaotic environment, and the kids were entertained while they learned.

By the end of each year the parents have made friends with one another, and there were tears from the parents whose children wouldn’t be able to continue. I never expected to be so impressed by a music program for my grandson, and I ended up bringing him for three years. This is a first-rate music program for children and it’s worth every minute of your invested time. If you’re interested in the very best music program around for your child, then you need not look further than Do Re… ME! with Tova.

- Nancy Lokan, Toronto, Violinist and Suzuki teacher

“Our daughter looks forward to seeing Tova every week. Tova is a remarkable teacher. She has a magical ability to connect with the children. She puts so much thought and effort into her lesson plans and is introducing the children to amazing composers every week. The instruments and games that she brings for the children are fun and bring them so much joy. Her classes broaden their horizons and sharpen their love of music. We could not ask for a more caring and dedicated teacher than Tova. Thank you so much!”

The demo class was fabulous!! I am so very over the moon about you and how special your class was. You melded perfectly musical concepts in fun and engaging ways. I can’t believe that the class was only 30 minutes and so dynamic! I have been telling everyone about it!

“Tova is incredible! This is by far the best children’s music class I have come across. The combination of music and movement keeps the children engaged and entertained. Tova is fantastic at judging the right pace and skill level for each child/age group.”

“I have really enjoyed this class and am impressed by how much Tova teaches while the kids enjoy themselves. It’s the best music class I’ve seen.”

“Enjoyed every aspect of this class. Tova engaged the kids more than I’ve experienced in any other class we’ve taken.”

“My son and I absolutely loved being a part of Do Re Me. And there is no doubt his love of music has increased even more from being a part of this program. ”

“We love it! It is wonderful to watch you with the children. They respond so well to you and the class is so fun! Thank you for doing what you do. It’s truly a gift and I feel lucky to be apart of your class. ”

“Our daughter loves your classes and so do we. She has learned a surprising amount about music, which is fun for us given our musical backgrounds. The classes are perfect for her. I love seeing her so enthusiastic about music classes! She lights up when she finds out that it’s Tuesday, which in our household is called Tova day!”

“We are amazed at how much our daughter learnt in your music class last year. Without us realizing it at the time, she seems to have learnt the basics of reading music and can sing a pretty good Do, Re, Mi scale. She also enjoyed your classes very much. Thank you!”

“We had a great time in music class! My son was focused on you the whole class and loved listening to you. I was telling my husband what a great teacher you are and how much we enjoyed the class. Oh, and I also told him that you had a great singing voice :)”

“My child will automatically start singing a song she remembers from class. There is a very good mix of activities and songs. Good momentum, moving quickly from one song to another.”

“This is a wonderful class. Tova is lovely and gentle with the students, and my child has learned so much.”

“My child observes, absorbs and sings all of the delightful songs once we get home. Her favorite part of class is the opportunity to see and play real instruments - it’s a big hit every time!”

“The repetition of concepts is very effective.”

“We have LOVED being a part of this class and meeting you. I am recommending it to family member and friends.”

“Wow - the semester went by in a flash. You know what they say- time flies when you’re having fun. It’s been a blast. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with us. ”

“My son really loved to connect the (musical) concepts from class (such as) adagio with other music and ways of being outside. We loved this class and only wish we’d known of Tova’s classes earlier!”

“My daughter clearly loves the program because she wants to keep coming back! Tova, you’ve found a way to keep her attention and interest session after session. She often comes home and asks us to play games from class. This has been a great way to introduce her to music.”

“My daughter certainly had no problem missing school but was quite disappointed when I told her we had to miss “Tova’s class”. She just loves it. We both do. It’s easy to be joyful with you as the teacher.”

“This is an excellent program. Tova does an outstanding job integrating different skill and developmental levels.”


My son has been going to the Do Re…ME! music class with Tova Rosenberg at the JCC for over a year and he absolutely loves this class! We had tried a couple of music classes at other nearby locations previously , but this one is by far the most engaging and best value for money. Tova is fantastic with the children – she creates a very friendly and nurturing atmosphere and manages to keep things moving fast enough to hold the children’s attention without being so frantic that they go crazy or can’t keep up. My son especially loves all the hands on experience he has with a wide variety of instruments – violin, cello, drums, triangle, tambourine, bells and a whole host of other percussion instruments. Because this class focuses on music and movement it means there’s lots of energy expended too. Highlights for my son this term have included the parachute, tunnel, bubbles and hoops.
The Do Re…ME! music class has been a favourite for both my daughter and I. The instructor (Tova) goes beyond the typical children’s music class programming (something that usually involves the kids sitting down while someone plays nursery songs on a guitar) – the children in this class are kept busy with a variety of engaging activities and are given the opportunity to play, dance, and learn while being exposed to different composers and musical instruments. We both have a ton of fun here and look forward to attending each week.

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