Do Re... ME!

A one-of-a-kind music program

The Do, Re….ME! Pre-instrumental program is a one of a kind program with a curriculum designed to introduce young children to the fundamentals of classical music in a fun and age appropriate way. A true intro to classical music - rhythm, musical terminology, tempo, dynamics, articulation, composers, instrument families of the orchestra – explored through original songs, well–loved nursery rhymes, coordination games, finger plays and live instrument demos. The class helps build confidence, develops fine and gross motor ability, and social skills. Through repetition, imitation, sharing, taking turns and lots of praise and encouragement, the aural, verbal, physical, social, listening and mental skills of the children will be enhanced. Parents and caregivers participate and enjoy this exciting class along with their child, sharing an enthusiasm for learning and experiencing the joys of making music together!

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2020: winter and spring terms



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winter Term Theme:

The Beautiful Music of BACH

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Spring Term Theme:

Vivaldi’s The FOUR SEASONS


The Do Re... ME! Caregiver-and-Me classes offer young children, ages 1 - 4, and their caregivers, the opportunity to experience the pleasures of group music-making. Classes explore the fundamental elements of music; including rhythm, melody, harmony, tempo, dynamics, articulation, musical terms and notation. The instrument families of the orchestra are presented creatively as the children learn about the lives and music of various composers through stories, books and pictures. Very quickly the students learn to identify the different sounds/timbre of various orchestral instruments and to recognize the musical examples from the composers that were studied. They will confidently execute basic rhythms, musical terminology, solfeggio and more. Through live instrument demonstrations, singing melodies together and playful movement activities, each session incorporates percussion instruments, engaging props, and storytelling experiences.


  • 10:15 - 11:00; ages 2 - 4, Memorial room

WINTER TERM (8 classes): January 15 through March 11 (no class February 12)

SPRING TERM (9 classes): April 15 through June 10


  • 11:15 - 12:00; ages 1 - 3, Memorial room

WINTER TERM (8 classes): January 17 through March 13 (no class February 14)

SPRING TERM (9 classes): April 17 through June 12

***all classes require an adult guardian to attend, supervise, and participate in music making with their child/ren***



The fee for all winter term classes is $176 for the 8-week session. The fee for all spring term classes is $198. REGISTER for BOTH TERMS and GET ONE CLASS FREE, pay only $352. There is a 20% discount given for siblings. All classes are 45 minutes in length. For the moment, payment is by cheque or email Interac transfer only.

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The classes below, Caregiver-and-me Class for Extraordinary Children (ages 1 - 4) and the Kindergarten Drop-off Class (ages 4 - 6) are currently not being offered. However, if you are interested in registering your child in either of these classes, please get in touch through the contact form. If there is enough interest to meet the required number of participants, I will make every effort to run the class(es)


Music is universal. The interactive nature of music is truly transformative and has the capacity to reach ALL children. Any child is welcome to attend Do Re... ME! for Extraordinary Children. This mixed-age class is kept small (5 – 6 children max) and is geared to support special needs learners who may have physical and/or developmental challenges. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers, ages 1 - 4, and their caregivers, will experience the pleasures of group music-making while exploring the fundamental elements of music. The class includes singing songs together, recognizing and matching pitch, finding the beat, movement and coordination activities, playing a wide variety of rhythmic instruments as well as live instrument demonstrations. Besides aiding to develop gross and fine motor function, cognitive skills, concentration and eye-hand co-ordination, these activities aim to facilitate interaction, communication, and grow confidence and social comfort through participation in sharing and turn-taking activities with their peers. The instrument families of the orchestra are presented while exploring music from various genres and composers through stories, props and pictures. The goal of this class is to stimulate learning and promote responsiveness through the joyful making and sharing of music together.



The Do Re... ME! kindergarten drop-off classes are designed to introduce children ages 4 through 6 to the fundamentals of music, including:

  • melody and harmony

  • singing in a round/canon

  • ear training/solfeggio singing and identifying the corresponding hand symbols

  • introduction to musical terminology

  • the musical alphabet

  • the musical staff and note location and notation

  • rhythmic solfeggio and notation

  • ear training/solfeggio singing and identifying the corresponding hand symbols

  • introduction to musical terminology

  • exploration of the instrument families of the orchestra

  • introduction to the music and lives of major classical music composers as well as other musical genres

The essentials of musicianship are introduced in a fun, playful approach, incorporating songs, various percussion instruments, engaging props and games. Students explore the elements of music through group singing, rhythmic movement, discussion, improvisations, and conducting. Hands-on experience with live instruments, most often violin and cello, is a regular part of the classes.

Creatively incorporating aspects of the Suzuki method, primarily the "twinkle rhythms" and core beginner Suzuki repertoire, the curriculum serves as a foundation for future musical training and/or instrumental study. Each semester is designed to build upon the last but also welcomes newcomers at any point.

Click here for a sample synopsis, from a past term, of a Do Re...ME! kindergarten drop off class

All Classes take place at the Trinity St. Paul's Centre, located at 427 Bloor Street West, corner Robert Street (just west of Spadina)


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